How to play in 1xBet Poker?


The answer to this question depends a lot on what device you are going to use for the system – in other words, whether you want to play poker via your computer, or via smartphone or any other mobile device.

In this article we are going to try to tell you everything about the poker game in 1xBet…

If you are going to play on your computer, everything is quite simple and easy – you need to enter the Poker category and then, to press on Play on the Website button that is located in any poker room. Then, the poker room lobby is going to directly load in your browser and for one of the two available rooms Windows app is offered. This app can be installed directly on your computer so you can enter the room without the necessity to open 1xBet page at all.

It is a bit more complicated to play poker via mobile devices. One of the two available poker rooms has, though, no versions for mobile devices, so you can forget about it now. As to the other available poker room, playing here is possible only via the mobile apps while using it from your browser is impossible at all. The downloading links for this poker room are for Android iOS and available only in the desktop version. It means you need to use a computer in order to play the only poker room available for mobile gambling. Once you download it on your computer you need to transfer the app on your mobile device and install it. The downloading of the iOS app, on the other side, is possible not only from the desktop website version, but from iTunes Store, too,

How do the two poker rooms in 1xBet look like?

Let, at first, start with the room that has a version for mobile devices. Thanks to this version, it can boast with some decent activity, especially during the weekends and the evenings, which means that you are going to have a wide enough range of active tables with different limits at your disposal. To be more specific, the tables with blinds up to $0,50/$1 are very active, while those with larger blinds are rarely full of punters. Yet, one way or another it is hard to believe that the higher blinds are preferred by most of the Ugandan customers.

When you enter the lobby of this poker room, you will see the following information about the tables:

  • Table – The table name (this doesn’t concern you some much, though)
  • Betting – the amount of the biggest and the largest blind
  • Players – The number of seats on the table, as well as the number of the players sitting on the table at this moment
  • Average pot size
  • Players / Flop – % of the customers who haven’t folded up to the flop
  • Deal / Hour – The total number of hands that have been drawn during the last hour

Legion Poker, on the other half, is the name of the other poker room, which, though, can be played only on a computer. This room, however, offers more types of games and options in comparison to the poker room we have discussed above. Yet, the impossibility to play in this room on the go makes it almost inactive during the whole time. At the moment we are writing this review, if having a glance at this room we see only 20 people, while in the other room the players are more than 500.

For a poker room the lack of players means a lack of any other functionality, too. No matter how many different games are available, they are pointless, if there are no punters to play them.

The only point of this room is that here every single day there are several freerolls. The specific, respectively, the beneficial thing about these tournaments is that to participate in them, you don’t have to pay anything, while meanwhile, they do come with a real prize fund which in this case vary between 10 and 30 USD.

The online poker market hasn’t advanced so well in Uganda and internet poker rooms in our country aren’t many at all, but yet, there’s one betting page, where a poker room or to be specific – two poker rooms in total – are provided. This betting website is owned by the Russian gambling operator 1xBet and it includes all of the most popular gambling games from all around the world.