Betin Affiliate Program for Uganda

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Similarly to all of the big world bookmakers, the Ugandan version of Betin provides the opportunity to the local citizens to become partners to the company and to earn money from this partnership.

In Betin there are two options ahead of you to become a partner to this betting house. The first option is by becoming a web affiliate to the bookie, which means to publish advertising banners on your website and thus, to win money from the newly registered customers who have reached the gambling operator from your link. The second option is to become a company’s agent, which means to open your own physical show from which to accept bets from Ugandan punters.

For both of the options to earn money from Betin partnership we are going to tell you in this article.

Online partnership with Betin

If you want to advertise, alongside with your website, this betting company’s activity and by doing so to earn money when attracting new customers for the platform, you have to register in the affiliate program via this internet address: webaffiliates.betin.co.ug.

The registration lasts in four steps where you will have to provide personal data, contacts, payment method you want to receive your money through, as well as your website details.

To start the registration process, simply select Sign Up from the main menu in this page.

When you officially become a partner to this gambling house and then, attract your first customers, you will start getting commission at an amount of 20% of the net losses these customers have.

Example: You have 10 attracted customers and in the end they have net losses at a total amount of 50 000 UGX. In other words this means the amount shows the net profit for the bookie made from these certain customers. What remains for you as a profit is the 20% of these 50 000 UGX or to be more specific, you get 10 000 UGX.

How will you receive your money? You can select any of these three payment methods:

  • Bank wire transfers
  • Transfers to the e-wallet in Neteller
  • Transfers to the e-wallet in Skrill

Please, have in mind that for the international affiliates there is a requirement for a minimum amount to be paid, which is 250 USD. There is no requirement, though, as to the minimum number of registered customers through your banners, which is a clause that we find in most of today’s affiliate programs. They require from you to have a certain amount of money as a commission to be paid, so if you don’t gather it, you will not get your monthly payment. There is no such a thing here as you will get what you earn within the month.

Offline partnership with Betin

If you don’t have your own website, but the desire to collaborate with Betin, you can consider the other option, which is to become this bookie’s agent by opening your own physical shop where sport betting lovers to place bets in the platform.
Like in the online partnership, here in this case the company will also reward you for your efforts and help with commission. The difference is that when it comes to the offline collaboration the commission isn’t generated as % of the net loss of each attracted new customer, but as % of the total amount of the placed bets in your physical shop. There are 5 000 sport events offered in this betting house, so you can expect a really big turnover from your customers.
Naturally, Betin has established and has been supporting high standards for its services and there will be some special requirements as to the physical shop you open.

More information about this option you can read at this internet address: agents.betin.co.ug.