Betin Bonus

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The betting house Betin isn’t among the bookies with the richest variety of bonuses provided for the punters, but yet, it has one special promotion that will double your wins for each of your multiple bets. Betin Uganda Promotion Bonus Code: JOHNNYBET, MAXBONUS,

This promotion is called 100% Multiple Bonus and refers to all of the accumulated bets under these conditions:

  • Accumulated bet with at least 5 selections
  • Each of the selections is with at least 1.20 odd (if you have a bet slip with 15 selections and only 10 of them are with 1.20 odd or bigger, the bonus will be calculated only over the win of these 10 selections)
  • Each of the selections isn’t pending (if any of the games is postponed, it won’t refer to the entire bonus – in other words, if you have a bet slip with 10 matches and 2 of them aren’t played, you will get the bonus only for the played 8 games).
    The minimum amount of this bonus is 5% but it can reach up to 100% with the increase of the number of the selections in your bet slip – the more matches you add to the bet slip, the bigger your bonus becomes!

The % of the bonus directly depends on the number of the selections that aren’t pending like this:

  • Bet slip with 5 selections – 5% bonus
  • Bet slip with 6 selections – 10% bonus
  • Bet slip with 7 selections – 15% bonus
  • Bet slip with 8 selections – 20% bonus
  • Bet slip with 9 selections – 25% bonus
  • Bet slip with 10-12 selections – 30% bonus
  • Bet slip with 13-15 selections – 40% bonus
  • Bet slip with 16-20 selections – 50% bonus
  • Bet slip with 21-24 selections – 75% bonus
  • Bet slip with 25 or with more selections – 100% bonus

Have in mind that the more selections you’ve got in your bet slip, the more the possibility for the bet to become successful reduces, but on the other hand, with every single new selection the odd significantly increases. Yet, the experts recommend for you to keep a bet slip with less selections or single bets. However, one way or another if you prefer the excitement of making big accumulated bets this bonus will truly make you happy with the final profit increase every time you have the luck for your bet to become successful.

Another awesome thing about this special promotion is the fact that you aren’t required to play your bonus amount several times like most bookies require from you before getting the chance to withdrawal it. Many bookmakers, as you know, even require from you to reach a certain amount won with the bonus amount. There isn’t such a thing here.

Last, but not least, we though hope that soon Betin will add some new bonuses whether for the new, or for the existing customers.