Betin Deposit and Withdraw

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The topic about deposits and withdrawals in online bookies like Betin confuse inexperienced punters quite often. Also, it is very important for every new customer to know whether in the bookmaker he prefers deposit methods that are also preferred are available. In the next few lines, we are going to teach you everything you need to know and learn as to your options about depositing and making withdrawals from this betting operator.

How to make a deposit in Betin?

To deposit, you need to at first make a registration (See Betin Registration) and to login in your account. Let’s accept that you have done all of these already and now you are supposed to see a button My Account at the top right side of your device (as a matter of fact this location is the same at both: desktop and mobile devices). Once you click on it, you will see a drop down menu right under the button where one of the available options is Deposit.

The next step is to choose one of the three available methods for a deposit:

  • Mobile Money
  • Bank Transfer
  • USSD

How to make a deposit via Mobile Money?

In the page for deposits via Mobile Money you will see two fields:

  • Mobile Number – in this field the telephone number you have entered during you registration is placed by default, but you need to know that you can replace it with another telephone number.
  • Deposit Amount – In this field you select the amount of money you want to bet. It can vary from 1 000 and 99 999 999 999 UGX.
    Fill in these two fields and then, press on Deposit after which expect a SMS message on your phone. The message is sent for you to confirm your transaction like this:
  • MTN customers – after receiving the SMS message enter *165#, choose “My Approvals“ by clicking “9“, enter your pin code and select “Transaction“
  • Airtel customers – the procedure is much easier for you – simply enter your Airtel Money Pin.

How to deposit via a bank wire transfer?

In the page for a deposit via bank wire transfer you will get detailed information for the transaction you have to make. When doing that, do not forget that to enter you Betin account number in the Reference field.

How to deposit via USSD?

To make a deposit via Airtel, enter on your phone *185#, then select these things in the same sequence: 5 (Payments) – 3 (Betting and Gaming) – 7 (Betin). Now, you have to enter your PIN and you are ready. Also, you will receive a confirmation SMS message for the successfully made transaction.

Currently, USSD deposits aren’t available for MTN customers, but the betting operator has already made a promise to the audience to work for such an option soon.

How to make a withdrawal via Betin?

In the drop down menu you will see after clicking on My Account button you will see a link Request Withdrawal. You’ve got two options for the withdrawal:

  • Mobile Money
  • Bank Transfer

How to make a withdrawal via Mobile Money?
Like the deposits via this method, here you will have two fields to fill in – mobile phone number and the amount of money you want to withdrawal. After filling in these two fields and clicking on the Withdrawal button, the money will be automatically transferred from your Betin account to your bank credit or debit card.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 3 000 UGX and the maximum – 99 999 999 999 UGX.

How to make a withdrawal via bank wire transfer?

To make a withdrawal to your bank credit or debit card, you need to fill in the desired amount in a specially tailored field (between 100 and 99 999 999 999 UGX) and to select the bank account to which you want to make the financial transaction.
If this is going to be your first withdrawal via this payment method, you need to also add your bank account number here – Add New Bank by entering the country of the bank, the bank name, card holder name, the bank card number, SWIFT code, bank address, as well as the city.