Betin Virtual Sports

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The leading Ugandan bookmaker Betim.co.ug is a part of the global virtual sports mania thanks to the company’s partnership with the European company Betradar.
This service can be viewed from the Virtuals category in the betting house where you will find the following sport disciplines:

  • Football league
  • Horse racing
  • Tennis
  • Hounds

In the entire Betradar portfolio other virtual sports like basketball and football Euro Cup league can be found, but currently, they aren’t available on Betin platform. To be more specific, virtual basketball is offered in Betin, but only in the website mobile version.

What are the virtual sports?

The virtual sports are realistic software simulations of sport events from the real world but their results and the entire progress of a certain match are based on a complex algorithm where the calculations for the things that happen on the field depend on the odds – in other words, if a certain result is with a very low odd, then the possibility for this result to occur is larger than the possibility for a result to happen in case it has a bigger odd.

One of the main benefits of the virtual sports is the fact that are on all year round, including when the seasons in real world are closed, as well as another fact – that they never stop even for a second during the day, including at night, when the number of live events is lower. Thus, these virtual sports turn into something very useful as an addition to your betting experience in real time (Read more in Betin Live betting to find out more about bets in real time). In other words, when there are no interesting matches from the real world, you can place bets on virtual sports.

Virtual sports from your mobile device

Like we have already mentioned it and no matter how weird it sounds, the virtual sport basketball is available only in Betin Mobile, but not in the desktop version of the platform. In horse racing, the case is on the contrary – it is provided in the desktop version, but it isn’t here, in the mobile platform.

Alongside with the basketball, from your mobile device you always have an access to bets on virtual football and virtual tennis. Save for the absence of the hounds and horse racing, Virtuals category has no limits as to the functions when it comes to mobile betting experience. If you can do something from your desktop, then you can do it from your mobile device, too!

What can we bet on in virtual sports?

The bet types in the virtual sports from this betting operator distinguish depending on the type of the sport discipline.

When it comes to virtual football betting, you can place bets on the winner, the first score in the match, what the result will be during the first half of the game, Under / Over 2,5, 3,5 and 4,5 scores, correct score in the and several Handicap bets. Virtual football available in this betting house lets you place bets on 8 football matches at once and you can bet without even watching them. The bookie’s virtual football takes place in one improvised championship with 16 teams and 30 phases, so the results up to a current moment can show you who the favourites and who the losers are.

Also, there are several tennis events at once in the virtual section of tennis discipline. According to us, this virtual betting category is one of the best one as to the graphics is represents. Yet, the virtual sport tennis is organized in a tournament form, so once this tournament comes to the final phase, the number of matches is limited and this is a logical progress, indeed. The website lets you to bet on the winner in the match, the first set, the first game, the correct score regarding the sets, the total number of games in Under / Over form, the correct number of the games in the same form, the correct score in the game and the correct result in the set.

There are also a lot of bets in horse racing and hounds where besides everything else we have already said about football and tennis, you are able to place combined bets on horse / hounds on the first two or three positions and thus the odd becomes really impressive for many of the markets by reaching even 100.00 and more.

As a whole, this betting company offers excellent virtual sport betting with the exception of one single weak points and it is the fact that not all of the desktop virtual sports are available in the mobile version.