BetPawa Uganda


BetPawa is one of Africa’s leading betting websites, which, apart from Uganda, enjoys tremendous popularity even in Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania.

BetpawaThis bookmaker is duly licensed to work in Uganda and it has given a bank guarantee of 500 million shillings, which can guarantee that it will never go to bankruptcy and not pay you the winnings.

With what bet Pawa is ahead of the other African bookmakers?

Similar to the big names in the bookmaking business, betPawa also offers a free bet bonus to its new clients. It is £ 1,000 and can only be used to bet on a specified by the bookmaker football match.

This gives the bookmaker a big advantage over its competitors from Uganda and Africa as most of them do not have any form of promotions.

BetPawa log in Uganda

The website also has another very interesting offer that gives you a bonus on the winnings of your betting slips with many selections in them. If you choose between 5 and 9 matches in your betting slip and win, you will receive a 10% bonus on your winnings. If you choose between 10 and 19 matches, the bonus increases to 50%, and for over 20 winning selections you will receive 100% bonus! However, bear in mind that the more matches there are in your betting slip, the less likely it is to win.

Additionally Pawa Bet does not have any fees for depositing and withdrawing money or for any other operation on the website for that matter. The bookmaker has no requirement for a minimum bet amount, so you can bet as much as you like. With most of the bookies there is minimum of the bet amount.

Another advantage of the website are higher odds compared to most bookmakers. It is always good to get as higher winnings as possible for your bets, so in this regard higher odds at betPawa are a great feature.

Live betting is another excellent option of the bookmaker`s website. Pawabet has one of the largest variety of bets in its live betting section, which surpasses even those of the most major European betting websites. The bookmaker offers bets on dozens of sport events that are currently taking place.

In what betPawa is behind its competition

As a minus we can certainly mention lack of opportunity to bet on many sports other than football. The bookmaker offers 5-6 of other sport events, but neither the number of sports is sufficient nor the events are enough. On the other hand, the choice of football matches is large enough and probably most of people mainly bet on football, so this may not be such a big problem.

The website also does not have the most advanced web design, but it loads in flashes on mobile devices, which is good news for those who do not have access to a fast internet connection. Functions are also not much, but this has its good side – everything on the website is very neatly arranged and there is no chance for you to do anything wrong.