Betway free bet club and bonus offer


You are interested in bonuses provided by the biggest world bookmaker who has its own version for Uganda? This material is going to meet you with all of the special promotions the European bookie Betway offers (note that we are going to talk only about Betway Ugandan version).

Betway Club

Betway’s list of special promotion isn’t so long, but at the expense of this it includes several interesting offers and the most significant one among them is the so called Betway Club.

This is a specially tailored program for all the loyal customers registered in the betting platform. The program rewards the punters depending on the number of days during the months they gambled.

The club includes four levels and all of the new customers begin from Silver level. At this level you have the right to receive only the standard prizes, but nothing more. Those punters, who gamble less than 5 days within the month, remain on Silver level.

In case you place bets between 5 and 13 days within a month, you will reach the Gold level that provides you the standard prizes + 10%. The next level is the Platinum level and the customers who reach it should be active in gambling from 14 to 22 days within the month in order to receive the standard prizes + 20%. The highest level of the Betway Club is the Black level. Each customer who is active in betting in this platform 23 or more days within one month reaches the Black level and receives the right to get 50% bonus over the standard prizes.

Once a customer reaches a certain level, he or she is guaranteed to remain on this same level within the month, as well as during the next month.

Yet what are the standard prizes actually look like? The standard prize is actually a per cent over the profit of each placed bet made in any category from the betting platform, including the BetGames category. The per cent depends on the odds of the bets, too. If your bet was placed at an odd under 2.00, the per cent is 0.25%. The per cent can reach up to 8% in case the bets are made at an odd over 500.00.

Let’s make an example for you so the whole promotion gets clearer:

We suggest you are at Gold level or in other words, you receive the standard prizes + 10%. You have placed a bet at an amount of 10 000 UGX and odd 5.00. What you receive as a bonus is the standard prize at an amount of 1%.

The first thing the system does is to calculate your standard prize and it is 10 000 UGX multiplied with 1.00% or in other words it is 100 UGX. Then, the system adds the bonus of your Golden level to this amount or 100 UGX multiplied with 10X which is 110 UGX.

These bonus rewards are provided as free bets you need to use within 7 days after receiving them.

1 000 UGX for attracting a new customer

Every time you succeed in attracting a new customer for Betway you will be rewarded with a free bet at an amount of 1 000 UGX.

As any other promotion in the betting world, this one goes with its own specific terms and conditions we have told you about in our article called Betway Affiliates. Here is where you will find out about more ways to earn money by attracting new customers for the betting company, excluding the Refer a Friend program.

Does Betway offer a deposit bonus?

Unfortunately, even though for many other markets in Africa Betwaydoes offer deposit bonuses for the new customer, this traditional for the entire betting industry special promotion isn’t available in the version for Uganda.
At the expense of this, in Betway Ugandan version you will get the right to regularly take the benefits of offers for upcoming top events from football and tennis world. These offers can get you up to several millions of UGX.