Betway jackpot tips and predictions


You think that your incomes increase too slowly while betting via the traditional way with fixed odds? you think you have enough skills in sport betting activity to predict several matches at once and correctly? Then you definitely need to try the jackpot games Betway offers!

These are the terms and conditions of these same jackpot games:

  • Betway makes a list with certain matches (in this bookmaker all of the jackpot games are shaped up of football matches only)
  • The punter is supposed to predict each of the matches from the list per certain game and the prediction type depends on the jackpot game type. In two of these jackpot games your task is to predict the correct scores of the matches, while in the third game your goal is “simply” to predict the correct symbol in the 1X2 market.
  • The punter places a bet at an amount of 2 000 UGX. If he or she wants to make more than one single prediction for a certain match (for instance, double chance – for host’s win and a draw) the bet price gets doubled.
  • In case the punter succeeds in predicting all of the matches from the list correctly he or she gets the big prize fund that varies between 125 000 000 and 1 000 000 000 UGX. If it happens in a way so two or more punters to predict all of the matches correctly, the jackpot is shared (yet, this is a very rare case). There are also consolation prize funds that are spread between the punters who made 1, 2 or 3 mistakes in their predictions.

As it might have already become clear for you, in Betway there are three types of this specific jackpot prediction game.

  1. The game with the biggest jackpot amount is called The Colossus (the big jackpot is equal to 1 000 000 000 UGX) and here the list is composed of 7 football events that the punter is supposed to predict correctly as to their correct scores.
  2. The other game where you need to predict the correct scores is the game called CS Pick 6 (the big jackpot here is 200 000 000 UGX). As the game name suggest here you have 6 matches to predict.
  3. 1X2 Pick 15 is the third jackpot game. It is composed of more matches – 15 in total – but at the expense of this here you do not have to predict the correct scores, but instead, the team who is going to win. The big jackpot in this prediction game is 125 000 000 UGX.

How to participate in Betway jackpot games?

1. Enter the category Jackpot from the main menu
2. Choose one of the three prediction games and press on the button Play Now (sometimes it is possible for any of the game to be inactive)
3. Press on your suggestion as to each of the matches from the list the specific jackpot game has
4. Press on the button Bet Now that is located at the bottom of the list
5. View your list with the selections and press on Bet Now to confirm your bet or press on Edit Bet if you want to make changes in your selections.