Betway football live betting


In this article are going to meet you with Betway live betting service, but at first, let’s talk about what the live betting activity actually is.
The live bets represent a comparatively new method for placing a bet. It appeared in the beginning of 21st century and it lets the punters place a bet after the event has started.
Usually, what is also the case with Betway, the bets in real time are arranged in a separated category of the betting website or they are separated from the pre-match bets.

Live bets are mostly typical with two things:

  • The odds change significantly often and significantly suddenly, especially in sport types with frequent score changes.
  • Most of the punters claim that the live betting activity is more profitable in comparison to pre-match betting. This is basically due to the fact that live betting allows sport fans to see how exactly the teams or the players perform on the field, while in pre-match betting they mainly count on pre-match statistics that not always provide a realistic prediction for what might happen.

So, the punters registered in the online sport betting platform Betway can place bets in real time via the specially tailored and separated category called LIVE.

By entering in this category, you will see right in the centre of your screens and in a horizontal menu a list with the sport types from which there are available sport events to place a bet at this very moment.

To be completely fair with you, we need to mark that Betway cannot brag about the fact that there are a lot of events and sport types in its live betting section as we can find in the rest of the bookmakers on the market these days. In this betting house we see sport events that are mainly from the following sport types: football, basketball, tennis, handball, rugby and volleyball while the matches from the rest of the sport disciplines are mostly exceptions, but not regular.

The range of the sport events is also not as big as the one in many other places for sport betting, but even though, we cannot say that it is too small, either. On the contrary – in this bookie we can place a bet even on friendly matches, such from amateur divisions and tournaments. It is just in the rest of the sport betting websites we notice a significantly wider range, but one way or another it is hard to be sensed by the traditional punter, who in most cases places bets on top matches.

The events that are playing at a certain moment are shown under the horizontal menu with the sport types.

In the main page of the LIVE category we only see the event score, as well as the remaining playing time and the odds for the host win market, while the rest of the markets can be viewed via the button More Bets which is placed at the right side of each event.

Right next to this same button you will see another one – Stas – and as you can guess this button lets you check out the data for the main statistic indicators depending on the game type (for instance, the number of the attempts to both of the gates, the corner number, the card number, the ball possession percentage and many others in football).

Also, for many of the events there is an included visualisation of the match. It isn’t live streaming of the event – unfortunately, Betway doesn’t offer such a service. The visualisation shows information about the team that makes the attack, what part of the field the attack is made or the ball is, as well as other important information as to what exactly is happening on the field.

If we have to conclude, we can freely say that the live betting activity in Betway is on a comparatively good level. The LIVE category offers comparatively high odds and comparatively good services. Despite of this, we cannot definitely say this is the best live betting category on the market. If you truly insist on services like live streaming for the matches or endless range of sport types and events Betway cannot respond to your expectations.