ForteBet Uganda


ForteBet is a popular Ugandan bookmaker specializing in football bets.

ForteBetThe website also offers bets on six other sports – basketball, handball, ice hockey, rugby, tennis and volleyball – but while there are over 10,000 different betting options for football, the offers for all other sports events are about 100 in total. This means if you want to bet on some sport other than football, is very likely for you to be disappointed with this bookmaker. On the other hand, football fans can enjoy a whole range of opportunities. For almost every match of ForteBet’s varied program, there are about 20 different betting options available, including goals, half time, handicap, exact score, and more.


ForteBet is among the few Ugandan bookmakers that offer a deposit bonus. With this offer you can receive up to 1,000,000 UGX bonus!

The deposit bonus is equal to the deposit you make, but not more than the limit of one million. In order to be able to collect the entire bonus amount, you must accumulate bets 10 times the amount of the deposit. For example, if you deposited 10,000 UGXs, you must first accumulate 100,000 UGX in bets and then you will be entitled to get the full amount of the bonus.

The bonus is distributed in equal parts of 10 %. Returning to the example above, if you deposited 10,000 UGX and made bets for 10,000 UGX, you will receive 10% of your bonus or 1,000 UGX. After another 10,000 UGX bets you will get another 1,000 UGX, and so on.


ForteBet will also offer you a simple casino room where you will find 10 casino games. They are slot games and are not of a special quality or anything, so, if you’re a casino kind of gambler you will not be impressed by the casino room is the least that can be said, but it is ok just for fun. However, ForteBet is primarily an online bookmaker, not an online casino.

Mobile bets

ForteBet allows placing bets from mobile devices, but your phone will load the PC version of the website – ForteBet has neither a mobile version nor an application. The lack of a mobile version or app is undoubtedly a great inconvenience for users who access the website from their phone, especially for those with a smaller screen size. Let’s hope that the bookmaker will keep up with the technology and make mobile bets more accessible.