Goal Sports Betting Uganda


The Goal Sports Betting House and the company behind it Goal Sports Betting Limited, were established in 2012 and have been serving faithfully thousands of customers all over Uganda for over five years now.

Goal Sports BettingIt is one of the biggest gambling companies in Uganda with over 150 employees, which clearly indicates that Goal Sports Betting is a serious company.

It has a comprehensive license from Uganda’s Minister of Finance for all its services – Sports Betting, Slot Machines and Power Ball.

If you want to place bets through Goal Sports Betting, you can do so at its 52 betting shops situated all over the country. In the upcoming years you can expect the number of company`s betting shops in Uganda to increase even more.

The bookmaker is about to make the biggest step in its history – to bring sports betting opportunities online. The company is working hard on creating online sports betting platform and it is expected to be ready in the near future. At this point however, the possibility of placing bets is limited to offline betting shops.

As far as the bookmaker’s betting options are concerned, it has only football bets in its program, which are mostly matches from Europe. The football matches from other parts of the world are limited to only few and those from Uganda are not even present in the Goal Sports Betting program.

The betting options for each football match are 10 – the standard bets for the Match Result; Double chance; Under / Over 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 goals; Goal / Goal, Half With Most Goals, Half Time Result and Under / Over 1.5 goals in the half time.

The betting system of Goal Sports Betting allows you to bet on up to 25 matches in a single bet slip.

The bookmaker has two types of promotions for its customers. It gives you a bonus on your multiple bets, i.e. if you bet on 5 different matches in your betting slip you`ll receive a 5% bonus on your potential win. The more matches you select in your betting slip, the more bonus percentage will increase. If you select 15 or more football matches in your betting slip you will receive 15% bonus. At between 6 and 14 selections the percentage of winnings is equal to the number of matches in the betting slip.

According to the rules of the other promotion, that has no less advantages to the bookmaker’s customers, if you select 12 or more matches in your betting slip and only one of them is not winning, Goal Sports Betting will return you the whole bet amount. That is an excellent bonus for the customers, as with more than 12 match selections in the betting slip it is more likely at least one of them to not win.

In addition to sports betting, Goal Sports Betting has another offer for its fans. These are so-called. Virtual bets, which are computer generated games that customers can place bets on. The bookmaker offers three types of virtual bets – dog races, football and roulette. It is most likely that the virtual bets will be added to the online betting platform, which is currently being developed by the company.