PariPesa eSport Games & Markets


PariPesa places a premium on eSports betting, with Ugandan punters getting full access to its offerings. With a roster of leading games and varied betting markets, the bookie ensures an engaging and comprehensive experience in the field. This guide will help you explore with ease the eSports options available here, focusing on each popular game and the various betting markets they offer.

Popular eSports Games

CS: GO is without any doubt one of the most popular eSports games on PariPesa. Ugandan users can wager on a variety of markets like for example match winner, who will dominate individual maps, and the total number of them played. Specific player performance outcomes are also available, allowing you to wager on individual stats such as kills or headshots.

League of Legends (LoL)
The MOBA kinga offers a rich array of betting options due to its complex gameplay and numerous competitive matches. You can place bets on the overall match winner or predict which team will secure the first kill, known as “First Blood.” Other betting options include wagering on the team that will destroy the first turret and predicting the total number of kills in the match. Additionally, bets on individual map winners within the match are available.

Dota 2
Dota 2, another foundation of eSports betting, provides extensive betting markets. You can place bets on the winning team, which team will be the first to kill Roshan or place a wager on the team to score the first kill. Total kills in the match and the winner of specific maps are also popular betting options in Dota 2.

Despite being a newcomer to the eSports scene, Valorant has quickly gained popularity. Outcomes here include predicting the end match winner and the winner of individual maps. You can also place your stakes on which team will reach five rounds first and the number of rounds that will be played during the game.

Detailed Betting Markets
Betting on the match winner is the most straightforward option, enabling you to guess the overall winner of the match. This can be found in all the eSports games listed above.

The map winner outcome allows you to wager on the winner of given maps within a face-off, adding an extra layer of strategy, especially in multi-map series.

You can also wager on the total number of those that will be played in a match. This is particularly popular in games like CS and Valorant, where matches can extend across several maps.

First Blood or First Kill markets offer an exciting betting option where you can wager on which team will score the first kill in the game. The market is available in games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Valorant.

For those who like to focus on individual talents, player performance markets allow bets on specific player statistics, such as the number of kills, assists, or headshots. This market is most commonly found in CS and other shooter games.

Special bets are unique to each game and can include a wide variety of options, such as predicting which team will destroy the first turret in League of Legends or which team will kill Roshan first in Dota 2.


PariPesa’s eSports betting platform in Uganda offers a great selection of betting markets across several popular games, ensuring comprehensive and exciting betting sessions. Whether you are a fan of CS, League of Legends, Dota 2, or Valorant, PariPesa provides all the options to take your betting and winnings to the next level. Jump into the universe of eSports with PariPesa and explore the thrilling opportunities it has to offer.