PariPesa’s Promo Code Store Overview


Welcome to PariPesa’s Promo Code Store! As a Ugandan punter, you’re in for a treat. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of using the Promo Code Store, so you can maximize your betting experience and enjoy the array of bonuses available.

Getting Started: How Does the Promo Code Store Work?

First, you select a promo code from various categories available. Then, decide how many bonus points you want to spend and click “Get code.” Use your promo code to place a bet and wait for the win!

Collecting and Using Bonus Funds

Engage in betting activities daily. Your activities over the last 10 days or since the last crediting will be considered. Once you have collected at least 100 promo points, click the Promo Points Request button in the Promo Code Store to have them credited. Note that this can only be done once per day, and you must have activated the “Bonus Points for Placed Bets” offer in My Account. Bonus funds can only be credited starting from 30 days after your registration.

You can choose any promo code within the limits of your available bonus funds. Bonuses cannot be used with cryptocurrencies. You can check your available bonuses anytime in your account.

Exploring the Promo Code Store

The Lucky Wheel allows you to spin the wheel for a chance to win with 50 points per spin. Under and Over 7 offers a free 3973 UGX bet for 100 points. Apple of Fortune, Dice, 21, and 777 each cost 100 points for a free 3973 UGX bet. Single Bets require a minimum of 50 points for a free single bet on any event with odds of 1.80 or higher. Accumulator Bets require a minimum of 50 points for a free accumulator bet with three or more events, each having odds of 1.80 or higher. Various eSports options like eSports FIFA, eSports Basketball, eSports Tennis, and more are available, each requiring a minimum of 50 points. Other sports such as Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, and Ice Hockey offer promo codes in both single and accumulator formats.

Disclaimer: Offers and terms are subject to updates and changes. Please check the latest terms on the PariPesa website.

Terms and Conditions

Only registered PariPesa customers can collect and use bonus funds. Ensure you have activated “Bonus Points for Placed Bets” in your account settings. Bonus funds can only be credited once per day. You must wait 30 days after registration to start receiving bonus funds. Stay active to keep accumulating bonus points. Monitor your bonus points and use them strategically. With a variety of categories, there’s always something new to try.


PariPesa’s Promo Code Store offers a fantastic way for Ugandan punters to make the most out of their betting experience with free bets and exciting bonuses. So keep betting, and keep racking up those points.