1xBet Cash Out


At first, let us mention you that in order to use the cash out function, you need to have been placed any type of a bet.

Then, you need to enter the page that shows the history of your pending bets and then, to press on the button for selling your bet slip.

The cost for closing your bet constantly moves up or down within the match progress so hurry up with your bet closing in order not to miss your team’s goal so this cost can drop drastically.

The amount of this cost can be seen in the same page that is arranged for selling your bet and there you will also see a slider with which you can determine the concrete part of your bet you want to close. This slider gives the punters in 1xBet even bigger benefit in comparison to the punters from most of the rest bookmakers where, by the way, either there is no cash out function, or it does allow only full bet closing.

Examples for using the cash out function in 1xBet

Let’s imagine that you have invested, for instance, 10 000 UGX at a single bet for the final outcome of any football match and the eventual profit you can win in case you do not use the cash out function – or in other words in case you wait the game to end – would be 20 000 UGX.

This means that the amount 1xBet will offer you to buy your bet slip will be definitely at some point not more than these 20 000 UGX. At the same time, if currently your bet is progressing quite badly it is possible for the bookie’s offer to become less than the bet amount (for example, 10 000 UGX) and this is how the betting company is giving you chance to save at least part of your bet amount.

So let’s, though, accept that your team is currently winning with 2:0 score in 70th minute of the event playing time. In this case, the offer for the cash out will be nearly 17 000 UGX.

What you can choose from as an alternative in this situation are the following possibilities:

  • 1. Not to take the benefits of using the cash out function
  • 2. Closing your entire bet, accepting 17 000 UGX and from now on forgetting about this match forever
  • 3. Using the slider 1xBet offers in order to close a certain part of your bet. For instance, if you close half of your bet, you will get half of the cash out offer – 8 500 UGX. At the same time, the other half of your bet amount – 5 000 UGX – will remain active and will keep being dependant on the final outcome of the game. In this example, if your team succeeds in winning, you will get 10 000 UGX more so in the end, your total profit from this bet and event will be 18 500 UGX.

One of the reasons that make us tell that 1xBet is a good bookmaker for betting is the advanced cash out system in the sport betting category. This function is determined as one of the best helpers for sport betting lovers as it provides them a more solid control over their betting activity by drastically reducing the “luck” factor in their experience. By having this function at your disposal you can always and in every single moment put an end to a bet that has been already placed and get your profit you have earned up to now.