Betway Partners


Betway’s affiliate program is dedicated to the business customers, who want to become this bookmaker’s partners and to earn money by advertising its services in their websites.

The partnership between the bookie and the individual customer is arranged this way:

  • 1. The potential partner makes a registration in a specially tailored website that is dedicated to the affiliate program of the betting house
  • 2. The partner receives advertising materials in order to place them in his or her website (or many websites).
  • 3. When a partner’s website user clicks on any of the Betway promoting banners and then, makes a registration in the betting page, this gambling account gets linked with the partner’s affiliate account.
  • 4. Every single month, the partner receives a certain amount of money from Betway. The amount of this money depends on the net losses the connected gambling accounts register. Or in other words, the partner receives the so called monthly commissions that represent percentage of the net losses and your affiliate account percentage, itself, becomes clear once you make a registration as an affiliate partner in the specially tailored for this purpose website (know that the percentage increases with time so you will earn more and more gradually)

In addition to this affiliate program offer, in Betway you can also win money by attracting customers even not as an official partner to the betting company. It is possible thanks to the special promotion called Refer a friend that is active round the whole year in this gambling platform for sport betting and that is available for all customers who have official registration here.

In the next lines we are going to tell you how to register in the affiliate program for business partners and what the terms and conditions for the Refer a Friend bonus are.

How to register in Betway affiliate program?

The registration in the affiliate program can be done once you enter Betway’s official website. Then, you need to click on the link called Affiliates and located at the bottom of the gambling website. The link will immediately take you to the specially tailored affiliate program website.

Here in this page and in many locations on it you will find the same green button with text Join Here. After clicking on it you will see a form opened and with the following fields that need to be filled in:

  • Title
  • Country
  • Language
  • Mobile telephone number
  • E-mail
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Birth date
  • Your company’s name and its type – online, offline or e-mail
  • Your website domain address

Once you fill in these fields a letter will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided in the e-mail field from above. In this letter there is a link you need to click in order to confirm your affiliate program registration. When you do so you will be once again transferred to the affiliate program website where you will have to select your individual partner account password.

Refer a Friend

Now let’s talk about the possibility to earn money as a regular physical person or a customer in the bookie.

Every time when you invite a friend of yours to connect and register in this betting website, you will receive a reward at an amount of 1 000 UGX.

Of course, this is a quite more primitive offer and with less financial incomes for you in comparison to the super modern affiliate program this betting operator provides. Yet, the Refer a Friend bonus is a good alternative to earn some cash, especially if you have friends who are keen in sport betting and who might be pleased with this gambling company’s platform and offers. And speaking of which, it is quite possible for many friends of yours to be quite satisfied with what this bookmaker offers.

This special offer works this way:

  • 1. You enter your friend’s telephone number
  • 2. He or she receives SMS message with a link to the website and a unique code to enter during his or her registration
  • 3. Your friend, then, is supposed to make a deposit and a bet at an amount of at least 1 000 UGX
  • 4. You get your bonus money!