Betway Mobile Betting


The competition between the bookmakers has become quite serious recently and those who are winning from this competition are we, the customers as they are offered more and more profitable services and modern betting platforms. In the core of these modern platforms we see the mobile apps for mobile betting via tablets and smartphones that these days have advanced to such a high level that it has become tough to make a difference between an activity via a computer and one via smartphone. Plus – it is very often to feel the game via mobile devices even easier and more pleasant than the desktop betting activity.

Exactly the same is the case with Betway apps that offer gambling activity which isn’t only limited in any point as to betting, but is also backed up with additional options the desktop users don’t have at their disposal. Such additional options, for example, are the casino games which exist only as a possibility for betting via mobile devices.

What exactly the mobile version Betway offers is?

Betway provides two mobile platforms and one of them is available via your telephone and smartphone browsers, while the other one is accessible after installing in your mobile device menu a specially tailored application. Even though both of the alternatives are identic as to their designs and layouts, we strongly recommend you do download the app on your smartphone or tablet due to several reasons:

  • The app loads faster than the browser version and it also uses less data
  • The app sends notifications for upcoming important sport events and information for new and hot offers
  • The app is with a faster access as you can place the app icon even on your front screen of your device.

The application, itself, on the other side, is developed in two versions, too, in order to cover the two most used operating systems on mobile devices. We are talking about Android and iOS operating systems.

The only way to download the Android app is by visiting the Betwat App category via the browser mobile version. This category is accessible via a menu that is placed at the bottom of the page and inside it you will see a button Download the Android App alongside with the additional guides as to how to install the application.

Those of you who own a device that runs on iOS have a bigger choice as to how to download the application. You can do so either via the same mobile browser version, or directly via iTunes Store.

What can you do in Betway Mobile?

The only differences between the app and the mobile browser version are those we have listed above. From there on you will not sense any difference in your betting activity as both of the options are backed up with the full list of gambling offers Betway has provided you. We are talking about nearly 50-60 casino games (including the offers from the Casino and BetGames categories), the daily option for a bet on hundreds of matches from more than 10 sport types and jackpot games where the bet can be multiplied hundreds and even thousands of times if you succeed in predicting all of the matches in the certain game.

Although the mobile platforms offer the same services as the computer website version offers they aren’t presented in the same way, but are adapted in a way to be compatible to your smaller mobile device screens.

Lite version

Betway has also thought about their customers who have older and slower devices and especially for them the company has developed the so called Lite Version that is deprived by a big part of the extra images, shades and graphics, but, yet, the main options and possibilities for sport betting are preserved.

An old mobile device, though, isn’t compatible to the casino games as they are with high quality graphics and this is why they are removed from the Lite version. Yet, in this version several of the basic casino games are listed, while the BetGames category is totally missing here.

Please, have in mind that the Lite version works only via the application, while the general mobile version doesn’t have such an option.

You can switch to it via the Manu and then by clicking on Switch to LITE. Do the same thing if you want to go back to the full version – press Menu and then press on Switch to normal.