1xBet registration guide – Open your new account


Registering in any of the sport betting pages these days often sounds as one difficult and hard to be understood maze, but the truth is that the registration in Eastern-European bookie 1xBet, where every citizen from Uganda is welcomed to open an account and take the benefits of the thousands of options to earn some cash, isn’t tough at all.

The process that will bring the start of, we hope, your long-lasting and successful stay within this bookmaker, will take you several seconds regarding whether you have some experience in opening an account in an online betting house, or no.

When a new punter wants to register in 1xBet, he has 4 possible ways to do so. The first and the most traditional one is simply to fill in the registration form, which takes several minutes only, but there are other quite faster options for you.

Thus, you can contact 1xBet by using your registration in some of the top popular social webs these days. In other words, if you registered in Facebook, for example, you can use your registration in the website to enter the bookie’s platform without entering any other information. Please, have in mind that if using this method you will have to allow the social web to collect your data every time you enter 1xBet via it. This permission is given within the social website.

Up to now you we have told you about two easy ways to register in this betting company. They will make you an official customer in 1xBet quite fast and you can become a member of the betting house’s audience which currently is several hundred thousand. Yet, there are two more options you might be interested to hear, too. One of them lets you open an account in 1xBet literally with one single click. This innovative method for creating an account is very practical as it provides you the chance to receive an instant access to the sport betting platform by allowing you to enter the rest of your personal data later. The option is preferred by most of the sport betting lovers as they are usually impatient to place their first bets on the platforms and do not want to lose their precious free time in filling some data.

The fourth or the last option is to use your mobile phone number for a registration in this betting website. No, it doesn’t mean that this specific method is made only and especially for the mobile version or the application the bookie offers (all of the registration alternatives can be applied via both: mobile and desktop devices). Anyway, with this method you only input your mobile phone number. Then, you will receive SMS message with your registration data (or the data you will need to login later).

No matter what method you will choose, the Russian bookmaker guarantees you full and perfect confidentiality as to the provided personal data. In other words, this means that there’s no risk for you to become a fraud or theft victim.

Once you register, you will get an invitation to make your first deposit (see more details about it in our article called 1xBet Deposits and Withdrawals), as well as an invitation to use a 100% first deposit bonus (as to the bonus, check out our article 1xBet Bonuses).

In the end, what is left for us to tell you is where to click to open an official account in 1xBet page. Know that from the entrance in this betting page to the registration page there’s only one click distance. In other words, you need to click on the Registration button that is placed on the top right side of your screen. When you click on the button, a new page will load. Here is where you need to decide what registration method to try in order to open your account. After that, follow the steps as to the specific method you choose and several minutes later you will be able to place your first bet on 1xBet platform!