1xBet Toto


The participation in the Toto games does not require anything else, but your desire to invest 2 000 UGX (this is the amount of the participation tax for a single drawing) aiming to win thousands of times more than this amount.

1xBet’s Toto game is the next gambling service this bookmaker offers and we are going to pay some serious attention in our page at. Read the following lines and you will understand how to win up to 4 billion of UGX by predicting correctly the scores of several matches…

What is this 1xBet’s Toto game?

The simplest explanation about the jackpot games with predictions is that they are types of sport bets where, though, the bookie’s customers pay fixed price for participation in the game.

Then, all the received money from the participation fees are put in a joint pool and the biggest piece of the cake goes to the one, who succeeds in guessing the correct scores of all the matches listed in the program for the particular game. The number of these matches depends on the specific Toto game terms and conditions – for instance, in 1xBet there are 7 prediction games in total and the number of the matches in each of them varies from 5 to 15.

The Toto category is the host of these seven games in a row. When you enter the category, you will see a banner for each of the games. The banner mentions the actual amount of the big Jackpot you can win in case you succeed in predicting all the matches correctly.

Press on any of the games and you will see a list with 5 – 15 matches. Predict the correct score of each of the matches and then, press on the green button called Place a Bet.

If you are not up to predicting correct scores, but you still want to join the jackpot apportionment, right under the list with the matches you will find a button called Random Selection. This button is going to mark your selections instead of you.
Also, the page offers the so called function Auto Bet that automatically will include you in the game as long as you have enough funds in your account to pay your participation fee. This function saves you a lot of time especially if you are one of those punters who don’t want to make their own predictions, but still, want to regularly participate in 1xBet’s Toto games (you need to know that the activation of this function doesn’t concern only the upcoming phase of a certain Toto game type, but all of the upcoming phases till you deactivate it).

What types of prediction games does 1xBet offer?

Normally, the prediction games provided by 1xBet are basically those game types where the main goal is to place a bet on a football matches. We have 4 games of this prediction game type. In three of them the participants should fill in one of the three possible final outcomes in the game – 1, 2 or X – for 12, 14 or 15 matches – and meanwhile, there is a game where you need to name your correct score predictions for 8 football matches.

Alongside with the football Toto games, the Russian bookie also has games with predicting the final outcomes in other sport types – like ice hockey, basketball and even digital sports.

The jackpots start from nearly 50 000 000 UGX while it is often when in the biggest football prediction game (the one where you need to predict 15 events) reach even higher levels where the largest jackpot amount cannot be seen or met anywhere else: 4 000 000 000 UGX.