1xBet Virtual Sports


1xBet, the most massive betting website in East Europe, as well as one of the most massive gambling platforms in the whole world, has its own serious contribution to the virtual betting sphere. This modern and innovative product, itself, offers thousands of options for a bet every single day and these options come as great additions to the existing thousands of casino games and sport events every week.

In the Virtual Sports category you will find links to four developers who provide virtual sports software products. These products simulate sport events on which you can place bets every single day if you are one of those betting lovers with an official registration in 1xBet. In this article we are going to tell you more about the games every of these four developers have provided for you, as well as for the specially tailored digital sports in the live betting category. The digital sports, by the way, are supposed to always be determined as types of virtual sports.

Virtual sports provided by Global Bet in 1xBet

Once you click on Global Bet you will see 7 games that are offered by the homonymous software development company. These are the games:

  • Football
  • Football league
  • Hounds
  • Horse racing
  • One more type of hounds
  • Speedway

The graphics quality, according to us, is quite high, but in some of the games it isn’t very realistic. What we mean is that in football, for instance, the ball moves quite faster than its movement in real world. This is a bit annoying or at least in the beginning, but as a whole, we can say only good things about the games made by this developer.

Virtual sports provided by Leap Gaming in 1xBet

This developer offers a record-breaking number of virtual sports:

  • 6 virtual football types and every single type comes with simulations of some of the most popular football tournaments – The Championship League, Liga Europa, The World Football Championship, the European Football Championship, as well as the Cup of The African Nations. You can, for instance, bet on the simulation of the World Football Championship in Russia, where the same lot of the real world is used. If you think some other national team deserved to win the Mondial, place a bet on it and see if the simulation is going to be on your opinion.
  • Different types of virtual racings – with horses, dogs, hounds, trotting, speedway and others.
  • Virtual tennis
  • Virtual rugby
  • Virtual American football

The only thing we don’t like about the games made by Leap Gaming is that in some of them there is no visualisation of the event, but only one for the final outcome. At the expense of this, the quality of the visualisation is on a higher level in comparison to the rest of the virtual games we see in 1xBet.

Virtual sports provided by Golden Race in 1xBet

The games developed by Golden Race are not less abundant as to various possibilities for a bet. If only taking football for an example, we find a choice of 7 virtual leagues that present simulations to Series A, Premium League, Bundesliga, Liga 1, Super League in Turkey, The league of the nations and the championship for the 20 strongest teams in Europe.
Alongside with the virtual football leagues, Golden Race also offers virtual racings with hounds, horses, motorcycles and speedway based on different tracks.

Virtual sports provided by Digital Sports Tech in 1xBet

These games are not virtual sports in the common way of speaking, but, yet, they are placed in this category and this is why we are going to review them, too.

Digital Sports Text basically offers the so called player props, where you place individual bets on a certain player. Thus, if you believe some basketball player is going to score more than 25 points in the upcoming match of his team or some football player is going to make more attempts for a score in comparison to his competitor, you can also place a bet for these things. Currently, at the moment we are writing this review, though, such bets can be placed only for players from the American leagues: MLB and NFL.

The Live Category and the virtual sports here

Last, but not least, the virtual sports deserve some attention, too. They are so good and so alike to real sports that they are just detached by the virtual sports and placed in the live betting category like they are real events.

Here is where you can place bets on virtual games of a highest quality. Digital sports lovers know how realistic the quality game is in products like PES and Fifa 2018 – well, these are parts of the virtual sports you will find in Live category, too!
Besides these two football simulations, the Live category also offers bets on other e-sports, like the following:

  • Call of Duty
  • Counter Strike
  • Laser League
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Angry Birds
  • Mutant League

We need to mark, though, that just like in virtual sports, here in the digital sports you bet on computer-stimulated events. Besides, the betting company does offer bets on real contests between professional playing teams in these digital games, but this is another topic to discuss.