1xBet Affiliate Program


Getting in partnership with 1xBet is one of the best business decisions you can ever make. If you don’t know what an affiliate program in a bookmaker is, here is what it offers and specifically what this Russian betting operator’s affiliate program does – you attract customers for the gambling page and the betting company, itself, return the favour by paying you commissions based on the profits the company has received from those customers, who have become officially registered customers thanks to you (in 1xBet the commission is 25%).

If you want to understand more about this possibility, take a look at the specially tailored website this bookie has made for its affiliate program. In this website some really detailed information about your eventual partnership with the gambling house is presented. The registration in the affiliate program does not bound you with anything, so you can freely register and if the offer does not succeed in intriguing you enough, you can simply forget about your account.

The registration in the affiliate program page includes filling in the following fields:

User name and password
Additional information – Website, website category, preferred language and an answer to the question “How did you find out about us?”
Information for contacts – names, e-mail, country, skype (not required) and your telephone number (also not required)
Payment details – here you select the way you want to receive your commissions and type in your card number or your e-wallet profile regarding the payment method you prefer

After filling in the application for joining the affiliate program, it will be reviewed by the gambling house and you will receive an answer whether you are approved within 48 hours.

What will you receive if you become 1xBet’s partner?

  • Up to 25% commissions from the attracted customers – the starting level of the commission is 20%, but it will be raised up to 25% once you show your big intentions as an affiliate partner
  • Regular payments – 1xBet sends the commissions to their partners every week, while most of the competitors in the sphere that also have affiliate programs, make payments only once a month.
  • High quality support –Every partner is approached with an individual attitude by the gambling company’s team which will be here for you when you are going to need some valuable advices as to how succeed in attracting new and more customers, plus – it will also provide you some help in your advertising campaigns.
  • Big potential – 1xBet is the bookie with the highest odds on the market and the biggest number of gambling services, but even though it does not have so many registered customers. For instance, most of its European customers can brag about bigger number of officially registered punters in their systems. As to the affiliate program, this is equal to high potential for getting new customers, who are going to find out about the Russian operator’s services for the first time.
  • A choice of multiple high quality and various promotional materials that will attract the audience’s attention.